802 (.2).3 TCP/IP

Bruce Stock (ssc-vax!bruce@beaver.cs.washington.edu)
11 May 88 17:41:22 GMT

Does anyone have any wisdom to share regarding the ability of TCP/IP versions
based on Ethernet 2 frame formats to communicate with 802 (.2).3 based
versions ( on the same network)?

I just got a flyer for the Wollongong WIN/H3000 software (FTP, Telnet, SMTP)
for the HP 3000 series of computers. This package uses the underlying
802 (.2).3 frame formats of HP's TCP/IP implementation for its lower layers.
Most ( all?) other TCP implementations seem to use the Ethernet 2 frame
formats and would probably not communicate with this package.
Any experience to relate?

It would seem that HP's TCP/IP implementation is grossly out of step with
prevailing practice in the TCP arena. Are there any reasons to choose it,
based on either short term or long term considerations?

                        Bruce E. Stock
                        Boeing Aerospace

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