Davidson's book vs. Comer's book

Thu, 12 May 88 09:24:48 PDT

I recently read both books, starting off as a complete novice. As I recall,
the introduction to Davidson's book states that the book used to be a
document that was distributed to marketing and sales people so that they'd
have some idea what all the buzz words mean (my interpretation). With this
as a goal the book is OK. But, I wanted a more in depth study of TCP/IP which
is why I turned to Comer's book. Comer's book is MUCH better although some
of the chapters (specifically those dealing with routing) didn't feel right.
This is probably my fault and I intend to reread the whole book a second time.

For the time being, Comer's book is the only entry in the race for the
perfect TCP/IP book. Anyone new to TCP/IP, or anyone who wants to fill in
holes in their knowledge would benefit greatly from reading it. I know I did.

By the way, on page 40, the second high order bit on a class C address is
shown incorrectly in Figure 4.1 (this was pointed out to me by someone else).
I've submitted this type to the tcp-typos account.

Jon Forrest
Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

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