Re: Question about LLC (802.2 packet formats)

James Van Bokkelen (
Wed, 11 May 88 23:29:36 EDT

RFC1042 documents the official method for encapsulating IP (with a 'SNAP'
header) in 802.2 packets. For complete information on 802.2 LLC, as the
IEE envisioned it, I think you need to get the 802.2 standard itself from
the IEEE.

I always refer to them as "802.3" and "Bluebook" (from the DEC-Intel-Xerox
"Blue Book" which was the original Ethernet standard). Some other people
refer to them as "Ethernet" and "802.3", but I feel that is confusing to
the neophyte. (It is kind of rough on someone who has just read his first
"LANs are Great" article when you say "Ethernet and 802.3 really are
different, trust me...".)


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