Plenum-Rated Ethernet Transceivers

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10 May 88 17:23:56 GMT

I've seen references on the net to plenum-rated ethernet transceivers
but have never read any specific citations. Plenum-rated transceivers
could be used in the plenum, the environmental air space above drop
ceilings (and other places). Plenum-rated transceiver and coax cable is

I note that the standard DEC transceiver says on its label very
specifically that it is NOT plenum rated, as do the BICC and 3COM
transceivers we use. The Cabletron transceiver literature says
"conforms to UL 910 and NEC 725-2(b) requirements for installation in
air-handling spaces". A quick phone call to our rep had him reading this
verbatum over the phone, which wasn't much help. Other phone calls have
yielded similar results.

A call to our University electrician, who is supposed to know at least
the codes, was not of much use.

So here I am wasting everyone's bandwidth. Does anyone have specific
recommendations, including vendor name and part number? If anyone else
is interested, I'll investigate it from there and summerize results.


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