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Barry Margolin (
11 May 88 04:28:59 GMT

In article <8805091745.AA24461@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA> chris@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA (Chris VandenBerg) writes:
>Good morning all!
> I am going to be running Honeywell and Data General systems on a
>LAN soon and have been told by a customer that they have TCP/IP implement-
>ations running on them.

I don't know about DG, but I know that Honeywell Bull has several
completely unrelated operating systems, running on almost as many
different hardware architectures: GCOS-8, Multics, GCOS-6, and HVS1 to
name a few (there's another I know of, but can't think of the name).
Which one are you talking about?

Barry Margolin
Thinking Machines Corp.

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