RE: Re: Many things on ethernet together???

Wed, 11 May 88 00:24 CST

We run many different protocols over the same Ethernet network. We have
encountered one problem which is currently under study.

We had these two 3COM labs for our students. Each lab has a file server. When
both labs were added to the campus network, the servers would both compete for
control over the workstations. That is, machines in one lab would try to log
into the server in the other lab.

The moral of the story is that it is not multiple protocols that will kill you,
but rather networking companies like 3COM with limited vision as to the
environments in which their products will be used.

Note that we run XNS in the 3COM labs, not TCP/IP.

Derek Andrew, Manager of Computer, Networking and Technical Services
              University of Saskatchewan

andrew@sask on bitnet

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