Re: Many things on ethernet together???

Rich (RMRichardson.PA@Xerox.COM)
11 May 88 00:51:06 GMT (Wednesday)

From: clyde!watmath! (Eric Gisin)
> One thing no-one has mentioned yet is the case where the ethernet type is
> a valid 802.3 packet length. I think Xerox PUP falls in to this catagory
> (what's PUP anyway?).

PUP -- PARC Universal Packet
PARC -- Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)

It means you can't talk PUP to hosts that act that way. One way around
this is to change the PUP type numbers to outside the valid length range.
This means all the PUP speakers on the net must all do this or you will
have split the net into two types of PUP speakers who can talk to only
their own type. The other is to hack the other guy (e.g., VMS) to figure
out what is coming in.


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