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8 May 88 19:12:51 GMT

in article <in article <358@halley.UUCP>, in article <358@halley.UUCP>, bc@halley.UUCP (Bill Crews) says:
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> It does to me, too. So, why not just use class B addresses? Based on the
> criteria you dictate, that would seem to be adequate for now and the future.

Now, the classes of IP addresses is simple enough to understand --

But what about subnetting? When does one want to *really* use
two IP network address on the same cable? And what performance
advantages does this give you? Were does the netmask come it at?
Is subnetting just a nice admistrativia thing? Or does your local
enet board not receive the packets, period? Or is it the high
level software that ignores the packet? Does anything really ignore

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