The ultimate solution to the packet chargeback problem

Greg Earle (mahendo!
8 May 88 02:03:27 GMT

In article <[A.ISI.EDU]29-Apr-88.18:15:38.CERF> cerf@a.ISI.EDU writes:
>The accounting issue comes up for two reasons: the MILNET operation folks
>need to allocate costs among the users of MILNET and the general growth
>of the Internet infrastructure can't be supported solely on government
>subsidy in today's climate.

I say add an extra MX missile or two to the military's budget request for each
year, but instead funnel the money to AT&T et al. to pay for all the
ARPANET & MILNET network links. That way we don't need chargeback, the
government can subsidize it, and I'll feel just an epsilon better about where
my tax dollars went. Without politicizing the argument, there is so much
waste of government money in the military-industrial complex that I don't
see how anyone in the government could complain about having to subsidize
these networks, which are a sterling example of non-wasted monies buying
such virtuousness :-) I mean, how many months of a 56 Kb line could be
paid for with the price of an Air Force plane toilet seat?

There. That was easy, now wasn't it?

[ BTW: :-) ]

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