3.1 & Excelan

Steven Goodman (lakesys!steven@csd1.milw.wisc.edu)
7 May 88 13:17:57 GMT

        Recently installed the Excellan TCP/IP software and 205T board
        in an AT&T 8386 box, running AT&T's UNIX System V Release 3.1.
        The Excellan software is 8014-01.

        The machines seem to be able to "talk" ok with the exception of
        some failures with "rcp", "ftp", and "rsh" (remsh). Now Excellan
        does not presently support 3.1 and I am looking for someone whom perhaps has this package presently running under 3.1.

        Actually with the exception of the above problems, the system
        appears to perform fairly well although I have not yet done any
        programing with this package, any exchange of information regarding
        this would be appreciated. The other machines are running the "WIN"
        TCP/IP on AT&T 3B15's and UNIX 2.1.2.

        Some of the failures are in having the WIN software talk to the
        Excellan, and could possibly be the resault of the new stuff
        in 3.1 ( ie; /etc/shadow ) although I have not yet spent alot of
        time examining this possibility. It's unfortunate that I have only
        one Excellan package running to examine if this is a problem
        resaulting in the 2.1.2 and 3.1 or WIN to Excellan.

        Might also mention that I would gladly assist anyone attempting
        this port as well to get you at least as far as we have.

Steven M. Goodman
Lake Systems -	Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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