Re: Subnetting

Bill Crews (halley!
6 May 88 15:33:53 GMT

In article <In article <1607@erix.UUCP> (Per Hedeland) writes:
>Typically there are 5-10 clients in each group. There are currently some 20
>such groups, but predictions are for hundreds in the not too distant future,
>i.e. considering other connected equipment, far more than 256 addresses are
>required for the backbone.

> It seems to be a terrible
>waste of adress space to use a separate class C number for each of the client
>groups, so we figured that subnetting would be appropriate,

It does to me, too. So, why not just use class B addresses? Based on the
criteria you dictate, that would seem to be adequate for now and the future.


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