Novell and TCP-IP interoperability

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3 May 88 16:07:28 GMT

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         TCP Gateway for Novell Netware

         I am looking for a site that has installed the MICOM TCP Gateway
         for Novell Netware connected specifically to a UNIX system. They
         use their NP600G board in the file server. The board allows PC's
         connected to the Novell file server to log on a UNIX system. For
         my purposes it doesn't matter what topology they are using ( token
         ring, starlan etc. ) but it does need to be connected to ethernet.
         I understand the gateway works great but I need to reference a
         site. If anyone knows of a site that is using this board please
         let me know.

                                  Thanks in advance for any help.
                                       BILL BURCH

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