Raw Sockets

Dave P. Wiltzius (wiltzius@lll-lcc.llnl.gov)
3 May 88 21:23:55 GMT

I'm being a bit lazy here: I want to use an IP raw socket to
implement a non-Internet transport protocol on IP (please, this
is an exercise and not my idea). The particular UNIX system
is Sun's 3.2.

Can only "super-user" use the IP raw socket? I suspect this is
a silly question, but can there only be one process on the system
using the IP raw socket? For those of you that did this (as it
was intended) to prototype and debug transport code, what was the
difference in performance between the raw socket implementation and
the kernel implementation.

Any comments as an aside would be welcome - perhaps more appropriately
as E-mail. Thank you.
Dave Wiltzius (wiltzius@lll-lcc.llnl.gov)

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