Wollongong's TCP/IP

Keith R. Hacke (M197993%SLVM307.McAuto.Tymnet@OFFICE-1.ARPA)
05/05/88 18:03:11

We are planning to purchase Wollongong's TCP/IP implementation for a MicroVAX
running VMS. I am particularly interested in its use for Domain Name Serving
between our Ethernet and the DDN (we have a Milnet connection). VMS is used on
our VAXs, UNIX on the Suns and Silicon Graphics.

What do you think of Wollongong's TCP/IP?

Is anyone using it for Domain Name Serving? With a VAX running VMS?

Other ideas (I know about using a Sun for the Domain Server)?

Keith R. Hacke
McDonnell Douglas

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