Research on protocol optimization for slow networks?

4 May 88 04:44:16 GMT

I am looking for any leads to recent research on the question of how
to improve the performance of a communications protocol to make it more
acceptable for use over a "slow" network link.

By "slow", I am thinking (roughly speaking) of 9600 bits/sec or slower
for interactive work. If the application involves transfer of large
amounts of data, then some people might consider faster links (e.g.,
56K bits/sec) to be "slow".

I'm open to the possibility of improving protocol performance at any or
all levels. I haven't tried to narrow myself down very much yet.

I'm aware, for instance, of the work of various high-speed modem manu-
facturers in implementing data compression and/or certain protocols in
their modems (e.g., Telebit's UUCP packet protocol implementation).
But I haven't had much luck in finding other material.

Any pointers to current or recent research in this area would be grate-
fully appreciated.

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