Re: Many things on ethernet together???

Rich (RMRichardson.PA@Xerox.COM)
4 May 88 05:40:04 GMT (Wednesday)

In article <In article <51442@sun.uucp> (Greg Limes) writes:

> In article <218@turbo.RAY.COM> Robin@turbo.RAY.COM (Robin Alston) writes:

> >Can XNS and TCP-IP share the same coax cable with no possible problems?

> ... It is even possible (gag) to run both TCP/IP and XNS through the same
> physical interface, but the bottom layer does need to know where to send
> each packet type. ...

My workstation can talk PUP, XNS and TCP/IP simultaneously, i.e., three
connections at once, all on the same wire. I make no claims about speed,
etc., just that it can be done, so you should be able to do the same.

> >Can we have our own domain (we really have no interest at this time in
> >talking to our vaxes), while decnet has its own on the same cable?

This should be ok; the fun part comes when you do want to talk to each
other. Then you need an XNS package on the vaxes, or TCP-IP on your other


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