Re: Simple Cost Accounting Policy

David E. Bernholdt (uflorida!ufqtp!
1 May 88 19:24:28 GMT

In article <> heker@JVNCA.CSC.ORG (Sergio Heker) writes:
>Thus I suggest
>the fix cost depending on line bandwidth (as I recall Craig Partridge
>suggested this before).

It seems to me that in the long run this is going to be a problem. If
sites are charged based on the bandwidth of their connection to the
net, most bean-counters aren't likely to be overly generous with the
capacity they are willing to fund. Then nobody is going to have the
bandwidth for any more than their own usage & nobody will be willing to
sacrifice their much-needed bandwidth to pass somebody else's packets
on to another destination. And very quickly the net looses its

Is my view overly simplistic or too pessimistic (sp?)??

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