ARPANET charging schemes and which protocols are affected?

Erik E. Fair (fair@ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU)
Sat, 30 Apr 88 19:06:56 PDT

Does anyone have any hard numbers that document which application
protocols are used most over ARPANET (i.e. what TCP & UDP port
numbers are seen most often)? It'd be nice if these numbers included
both numbers of packets, and number of bytes (since FTP packets
are likely to be larger than TELNET packets).

The last time I saw any numbers for any part of the Internet,
numbers of packets were split: SMTP 30%, FTP 30%, TELNET 30%, and
OTHER 10% (this is from memory, so don't take the percentages too
literally - it was the relationship between them that I was concerned
about at the time).

        Erik E. Fair ucbvax!fair

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