RE:Many things on ethernet together???

30 Apr 88 16:01:17 PDT (Saturday)

At our facility XNS and TCP/IP coexist quite well on the same ethernet and even
the same interfaces. The Xerox 1186, Xerox 6085 and two Sun 3/60's in my office
and the VMS MicroVax II next door all do both TCP/IP and XNS at the same time.
The Vax also does DECNet/LAT and the two Xerox machine also do PUP. The Suns
may soon do PUP (somethings just won't die, we still have a working 3 MBit net
connecting working Altos...).

        They exist quite well on a coax that has nearly 1000 devices including limited
DECNet, lots of XNS, lots of PUP and growing amount of TCP/IP with NFS, but no
diskless workstations.


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