Many things on ethernet together???

Robin Alston (rayssd!turbo!
29 Apr 88 19:38:16 GMT

We have a bunch of SGI workstations currently running XNS over ethernet.
We have just been informed that when we move into a new building at the
end of May we will have to use a single ethernet cable for the whole
building which includes many vaxen running VMS many many pc's with some kind
of future-net link and many pc's with simple vax links.

My question is can this really work?
Can XNS and TCP-IP share the same coax cable with no possible problems?
Can we have our own domain (we really have no interest at this time in
talking to our vaxes), while decnet has its own on the same cable?

Am I right to be paranoid about some bureaucrats decision to limit internal
cabling this way?

We are intending at some future time to upgrade to TCP-IP so we can run NFS
but we want to do that in our own sweet time and not in a hurry.

Any help or hard facts would be gratefully accepted before I go out and
humanely shoot myself.

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