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Fri, 29 Apr 88 08:39:24 edt


You have made two valid points here that should be differenciated,
one is how to charge (fix cost versus measured traffic cost), second
is consistency among all the mid-level networks (i.e. JVNCNet) and
the backbone networks (i.e. NSFNET). On the first point you have to
cover your costs whether you charge for measured traffic or fix cost.
The problem with measured traffic is that: (1) we have to further agree
among all the other networks administrations what parameters to use
in the charging model, (2) the implementation can become "expensive"
to accomplish from the bandwidth and cpu point of view. Thus I suggest
the fix cost depending on line bandwidth (as I recall Craig Partridge
suggested this before). These costs have to: (1) cover the operational
costs of the network, and (2) be consistent among other networks.
All this can be worked on, with the exception that this assumes one
type of user (i.e. University), what about if the user of the network
is a researcher working for a profit making organization?, shall he pay
the same as a researcher working for a University?. The networks
then have to get into an aggreement that is consistent, and take all
these issues in consideration.

As a point of information, there is a task force whithin the Federation
of American Research Networks (FARnet), working on this issue right

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