Re: Another problem with usage charges

Jeff Siegal (!
29 Apr 88 00:33:22 GMT

In article <8804260944.AA25473@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> VALDIS@CLVM.CLARKSON.EDU (Valdis Kletnieks) writes:
>Ever have this happen to you?
>% ftp
>ftp>get big.manymeg.file
>(14 meg of the 15 meg file has been transferred)
>netinet: net unreachable
>Who pays for the 14 meg of usage?

The serial-line file transfer protocol Zmodem supports "crash
recovery." This allows you to restart an aborted transfer, and the
protocol negotiates the restart point. Charging for your 14 meg would
likely inspire the prompt creation of a similar internet protocol.

Jeff Siegal

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