Re: Another problem with usage charges

Ron Minnich (
28 Apr 88 17:37:27 GMT

In article <8804260944.AA25473@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> VALDIS@CLVM.CLARKSON.EDU (Valdis Kletnieks) writes:
>% ftp
>ftp>get big.manymeg.file
>(14 meg of the 15 meg file has been transferred)
>netinet: net unreachable
>Who pays for the 14 meg of usage? I sure don't want to - I didn't get the
>service I asked for.
Hmm, this is the second comment on this sort of thing. Is this
an argument AGAINST charging or an argument FOR something better
than ftp- something that lets you move pieces of things
instead of the whole thing, and that would let you pop off that
last megabyte or so. After all, it did move 14/15th of the file for
you :-).
   What if that 15 mb were 15 seperate files, and you did an mget,
then recovery would be easy. Maybe it is an argument for
a different way of storing ftp-able things?

ron (

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