Re: RIP, gated reply summary

Phill Gross (
Thu, 28 Apr 88 09:47:31 EDT

> The IDEAS can be found at SRI-NIC.ARPA (
> Login as 'anonymous'. The directory is <ietf>. Each
> IDEA is named "IDEAnnn.TXT", where nnn is the IDEA number.
> The indices are IDEA-INDEX.TXT (the short index, no abstracts)
> and IDEA-INDEX-ABS.TXT (the long index, with abstracts).

As luck would have it, Charles Hedrick has just submitted a final version
of the RIP paper, which has not yet been placed at the NIC. He just mailed
it to me yesterday and it is still sitting in my mailbox. This also comes
at the exact same time that we are changing the IDEA numbering scheme to
accomodate revisions (rather than issuing new numbers). So it may be
Monday before the new version gets into place with its new not-quite-
zip-code-sized number IDEA0004-01.

I strongly encourage interested folks to wait for the new version. It is
this version that will be submitted as an RFC. I promise to mail a notice
to this list as soon as the new RIP document and the new numbering scheme
are in place.

As they say, timing is everything.

Phill Gross

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