Re: Why charge for packets

Clive Dawson (AI.CLIVE@MCC.COM)
Wed 27 Apr 88 16:28:02-CDT

Another scheme which might come in useful, and which is often
used by city utilities, is to pick a period of time where
usage is monitored to obtain a figure for "average" usage. Then
a charge is based on this figure. There are no meters on
our sewage lines which can be used to bill for wastewater.
Instead, the city bases its wastewater charges by sampling
potable water usage for a month or two. (This usually is done
in the winter time to avoid the lawn watering factor, etc.)

In this case, the network administrators might wish to
compute an "average" packet count for each host by
monitoring for some period of time. (Such times should
obviously be well-kept secrets so that hosts don't influence
the result by changing their behavior.) Network charges
could then be assessed based on these results.

Just figured I had to get MY two cents in...!

Clive Dawson

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