Net usage charges

Wed, 27 Apr 88 14:10 EDT

Suppose I decide to get rich by implementing a new, world wide net and
get it patched into many of the existing nets using standard gateways.
My net will be a good one but my gateways will advertize infinite
bandwidth, zero delay so my net will soak up all of your traffic. Since
you probably won't agree to subsidize me, Ihave to be able to send bills
and be able to collect. But none of you are actually on my net, I'm
just a transport with marketeering gateways. But you probably won't
like my bills which will be the max I can get away with. Do you need a
Type Of Service that says "avoid high priced nets"? What if I'm the
only path available? Can my profiteering be legislated out? Should it
be? --Bill Plummer -at DOCKMASTER

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