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(Since the question was originally posted to both the BIG-LAN BITnet
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Thanks to all who responded to my question:

>How can I get more specific information about the Routing Information
>Protocol (RIP) used by Proteon, and gated, a demon which translates
>between RIP and EGP, the External Gateway Protocol?

RFC 827, 888 and 904 describe EGP, the *Exterior* Gateway Protocol.
RFC 827 is less formal and is easier to read.
RFCs are available from a number of sources, but in particular,
may be obtained by sending a note to with Subject: RFC nnn
where of course nnn is the RFC number.

Here is a summary:

"From: Charley Kline <"From: Charley Kline <KLINE@UIUCVMD>

The best functional description of RIP is a paper called IDEA004, soon
to be an RFC, from Chuck Hedrick at Rutgers. Gated an implementation of
RIP and HELLO and EGP, and the best documentation of that I know if is
the gated man page. In a complex networking environment though, you need
to have a deep understanding of what is going on to use gated effectively

From: Philip Prindeville [CC] <>

Send mail to "" with subject as "get idea:idea004.txt".

Or, ftp to and login as anonymous. cd into "idea:". get the
file idea004.txt.

"From: David Wasley <>

There is a document available from the sri-nic that describes RIP.
It is currently called IDEA004 but may become an RFC.

Here is the blurb on how to get this:

        The IDEAS can be found at SRI-NIC.ARPA (
        Login as 'anonymous'. The directory is <ietf>. Each
        IDEA is named "IDEAnnn.TXT", where nnn is the IDEA number.
        The indices are IDEA-INDEX.TXT (the short index, no abstracts)
        and IDEA-INDEX-ABS.TXT (the long index, with abstracts).

"From: "Mark S. Fedor" <>


    I have written a implementation paper on gated which was
    just accepted for presentation and publication at the summer
    1988 USENIX conference.

    There is also a gated document (man) page. The routed(8) man
    page describes RIP, but the ultimate RIP document was done by
    Charles Hedrick of rutgers. The document is available via
    anonymous FTP from or I`m sure could mail it to you.

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