Re: My two cents about charge schemes on the Arpanet

Dennis Perry (perry@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Tue, 26 Apr 88 21:04:08 EDT

Dave, as you may know by now, John Laws, bless his heart, has set me
straight on the way x.25 charges were made or not made as the case
may be. I am also constantly amazed at the mass of information you
have stored in your permenant memory on type of networks and stories
attached thereto. I do not doubt that there are many inovative ways
to make money in this world. I like the one about the DJ who announced
on the air to send him $20 and he now as $240K and doesn't know what
to do with it. He gave no reason for people to send him money, just that
they do it. I suspect some of are like that. When someone says send
money for the datagram I just sent you, we will, no questions asked.


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