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>> Subject: Another problem with usage charges
>> If nothing else this is becoming an object lesson in why AT&T was
>> granted a monopoly, it certainly did simplify a lot of things. Sure,
>> that's been broken up, perhaps around 2080 Judge Greene will see that
>> the internet can be "deregulated" also.

One of the depressing things about the deregulation of AT&T is that in
many ways it may have been better to not deregulate. I haven't seen
lower prices or better service. But then again I live in the hinter
land of the Santa Clara Valley. There are some things that should
perhaps be left as a monopoly or set up that way because the overhead
of other structures is too costly.

>> There are other examples, I think people on this list are starting to
>> understand what the word "infrastructure" really means. It has a lot
>> to do with services who's very value is based upon their universality
>> (roads that go to other roads, phones that can call all other phones,
>> railroads that can use other tracks, canals that link to other
>> waterways, consistent rules and tariffs etc.)

Is the infrastructure of networks universal to an Information Age?
What ever that is.

>> -Barry Shein, Boston University


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