Network Operating Systems

26 Apr 1988 14:39:50 CDT

     I've reviewed RFCs 1001 and 1002, NETBIOS over TCP/IP, but
have been unable to resolve a nagging question: Do I need a
Network Operating System to provide PC to PC communications on a
802.3/TCP/IP/NETBIOS LAN? I've spoken to several vendors, such
as Novell, Torus, and Bridge/3Com, and received conflicting and
contradictory answers. Can anyone out there give me some
help/point me in the right direction?

     I'm also in need of the NETBIOS spec. IBM has been most
uncooperative helping me find their technical documentation; " it
was last marketed in October 1987, and I can't give to you..."

     Please reply to me directly and I will summarize for the
rest of the TCP/IP mailing list. Thanks.

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