Another problem with usage charges

Valdis Kletnieks (
Tue, 26 Apr 88 02:29:45 EDT

(Forgive me - it *is* 2:30AM here, so I may be a TAD off base, but...)

Ever have this happen to you?

% ftp
ftp>get big.manymeg.file
(14 meg of the 15 meg file has been transferred)
netinet: net unreachable
(Insert typesetting symbol for 'scream of anguish' here)

Who pays for the 14 meg of usage? I sure don't want to - I didn't get the
service I asked for.

Defining 'got requested service' for each service type is left as an exercise
for the student. Don't forget the case of homegrown TCP client programs.

                                   Valdis Kletnieks

P.S. Usual disclaimers apply. Flame me, not my boss...
I'm not a TCP guru, I just use the stuff - a lot.

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