Re: 4.3 TCP sockets revisited.

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Mon, 25 Apr 88 22:21:14 PDT

The load sharing option of the Sunlink Internetwork Router allows you
to connect two Suns with some number of parallel serial lines using
the Xerox Point to Point protocol on each line. The load sharing
driver tries to distribute the outgoing IP packets over these lines in
a method which tries to maximize the utiltization of each line;
essentially a round robin when all of the packets are the same
(maximum) size. This allows you to get effective throughput close to
the sum of the baudrate of all lines used, and to continue to send
packets as long as at least one of the lines is operating. Routing is
still done on a per-interface basis; all of the load-shared lines use
the same IP network interface for transmission of packets. In
contrast, if you used an IP interface per line between two nodes, only
one of the lines would be used at any time by routing algorithm
provided in standard 4BSD software.

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