Protocol Analyzers

Mon, 25 Apr 88 20:57 CST

Hi there,

I am in the process of determining which protocol analyzer to invest in
for our LAN. We have XNS on our LAN as well as DECnet, TCP/IP,
MS-NET, and one ethernet appletalk encapsulation (PNP from Pacer s'ware
connected via Kinetics Bridges).

We have three main VAXen: 8650, 8700 and 8800. They all support the above
protocols. We have a small army of microvaxen about our campus that support
only DECnet.

We have had evaluation units of Exelan's Lanalyzer and currently have
Micom - Interlan's product based upon Network General's Sniffer s'ware.
U-B's NetScope does not seem to be as versatile as I would like for our LAN,
as well as DEC's software offerings (EtherNIM, etc.)

I have not seen HP's offering or anyone else's.

I would appreciate input from those that have gone through this process.


Ed Bibisi
Director, Telecommunication Systems
Information Systems and Services
University of Tennessee, Memphis
(901) 528-5848

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