Re: Whither chargeback policies?

Philip Prindeville [CC] (philipp@Larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU)
Sat, 23 Apr 88 14:38:25 EDT

        The way I've heard it is:

                Vote Often, Vote Early,
                        Vote for James Michael Curly!

        (Curly was a notorious ward-healer who became mayor of Boston in the
        1930's I believe, they still talk about those "good ole days" when
        corruption went to the -right- people.) Well, at least it scans...

Is Curly the one who was re-elected while doing time because of a federal
conviction? Something to do with putting too many friends and relatives
on the city payroll? (Maybe that was Hurley) Ah, Boston...

        I believe this upcoming election might make this an opportune time to
        start, a new administration might be more receptive to new-sounding
        programs such as computer networking. It would be hard to imagine any
        broad-based objection to it (other than those of a particularly
        privatizing bent, which should be addressed.)

This is a good point. And from the sound of it, you might already have
certain such groups in mind?


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