Re: Wollongong's TN3270

23 Apr 88 10:13:00 PDT

Especially to: "Crack? No thanks, I've got a new CD player" <...!daveb>

We are not aware of the existence of curses in the PD. In my article I wrote
"currently available", which really means the state of out products at this
"currently available", which really means the state of our products at this
time. Definitely, it does not mean we will do it this way till the final day
of existence of our solar system...

We are pursuing the option in our WIN/TCP, which will allowe you to have
TN3270 without any UNIX license.

By the way...
Which PD curses are your favorite and where are the sources?

The Wollongong Group

The Wollongong Group

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