Micom-Interlan NST-100 with 1200b 3124EH Modem

TERVAX::EFBATEY (efbatey%tervax.decnet@nswses.arpa)
23 Apr 88 09:50:00 PST

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         I have a half dozen Micon-Interlan NTS-100 Telnet / Rlogin
         servers (V2.0 Boot Feature Packs). Any one of them
         interfacing my Micom 3124EH-S1 Hayes-Clone or different 3124
         suffer from a common problem.

         Conditions are 1200 baud, DTE-set, XON/XOFF IN, XON/XOFF
         OUT, using the vi editor, a screen busy process (best, but not
         only demo).

         An inbound caller is executing commands which solicit more
         output while the output (to users terminal crt). Output to
         remote terminal from last command is in progress (user TYPE
         AHEAD). User gets rudely awakened when the { BSD or SysV
         host | network | NTS-100 } exits.

         The process on the host terminates. The user is greeted by
         Serv_prompt> without even a courtesy { 'buffer overflow' |
         'if only XON/XOFF really worked' | 'if server had more spool
         space' } message.

         I bought nearly a year ago from the newly formed Micom .AND.
         Interlan which now barely admit the other exists. Interlan
         keeps trying but they seem to be an East coast company and
         will not even log onto my system to witness my problem.

         Anyone with any experience or suggestions IS INVITED. I'll
         buy lunch.

         | Everett F. Batey II } { UUCP: sun!tsunami!nswed5!efb |
         | USNSWSES - Code 4V33 } { ARPA: efbatey@NOBBS.UCSB.EDU |
         | After HOSTS.TXT.726 } { efbatey@NSWSES.ARPA |

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