Re: Which version does Sun run?

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Sat, 23 Apr 88 02:38:58 PDT

In article <In article <6140@shamash.UUCP> In article <6140@shamash.UUCP> jwabik@shamash.UUCP (Jeff Wabik) writes:

> Does anyone know which version of tcp-ip is implemented in the standard
> Sun OS (Sun UNIX 3.x) ? 802.2? 802.2/snap? 802.3?

Charles's observations are correct; the standard SunOS kernel provides
support for TCP/IP over Ethernet/802.3. Sun does offer TCP/IP using
snap over 802.2 (as defined in RFC1042) layered on either 802.3 or
802.4 using the Sunlink OSI product, which also comes with TP4/CLNS.

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