Re: packet charging (the EFT model?)

Edward Vielmetti (mailrus!starbarlounge!emv@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV)
22 Apr 88 19:27:13 GMT

In article <8804220957.AA26052@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> csysmas@OAC.UCLA.EDU (Michael Stein) writes:
>Instead of a "WILL/WONT PAY" protocol (which only works on
>connections) how about something else:
>Suppose that it was possible to send packets containing "money"?
Fake "money" is too easy to "print". Me and my PC can decipher
the money protocol and send out bogus cash at our leisure.

Schemes like this violate the principle that hosts are not to be

Edward Vielmetti, U of Michigan mail group.

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