Whither chargeback policies?

Barry Shein (bzs%bu-cs.bu.edu@bu-it.BU.EDU)
Fri, 22 Apr 88 17:30:52 EST

The way I've heard it is:

        Vote Often, Vote Early,
                Vote for James Michael Curly!

(Curly was a notorious ward-healer who became mayor of Boston in the
1930's I believe, they still talk about those "good ole days" when
corruption went to the -right- people.) Well, at least it scans...

I would be interested in attending a meeting in DC (or wherever) to
discuss such issues. Assembling an invitees list would be interesting
although for starters it might just need "activists", others can be
contacted once several of us figure out how to start saying the same

I believe this upcoming election might make this an opportune time to
start, a new administration might be more receptive to new-sounding
programs such as computer networking. It would be hard to imagine any
broad-based objection to it (other than those of a particularly
privatizing bent, which should be addressed.)


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