Re: Whither chargeback policies?

Dennis Perry (perry@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Fri, 22 Apr 88 18:19:37 EDT

In New Mexico we had a saying (and I am sure it applys to other
states as well) that one should vote early and often! :-)

I agree with suggestions made by some that a study of the possible
outcomes of varioius policies on charging would be an interesting
thing to do. Such a study could help convince those that make
such decisions that certain policies might not be worth pursuing.
After all, many decisions get made because of 'hot buttons' that
might be better avoided than pushed.

I would be glad to organize a group of people that would like to
meet in DC or whereever to discuss such a study, make up an
agenda, parcel out assignments, and the reassemble to put the
paper together.


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