Help with Netware compatible (hardware independent) pc-tcp/ip

Fri, 22 Apr 88 14:16:56 EST

We at ODU Computing Services are looking for a hardware topologically
independent tcp/ip solution for our Novell Networks. We have an
ethernet based TCP/IP backbone that we would like to be able to take
advantage of from several existing and proposed Novell pc networks using
IBM Token Ring, 3COM 501 Ethernet, SMS Arcnet, and other asstd. hardware
topologies. I have seen the Micom-Interlan (Netware) TCP/IP gateway, but
have concerns about its performance. Also, I have seen several workstation
based solutions (ie Excelan, Ungermann-Bass, etc.), but we already have a
substantial hardware investment in other pc network interface cards
(token ring, ethernet, etc. as mentioned above) and also have heard that
the aformentioned workstation based solutions are prohibitively expensive.
I have heard rumors of a netbios based solution and I would be very interested
in learning more. Please send me any and all info you can share. I will
be glad to post the responses to the lists.

                 Thanks in Advance
                 Bob Alston
                 Old Dominion University
                 Norfolk, VA
                 BITNET: BITNET: RWA100S@ODUVM

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