Re: BITNET mail follows (really: IP forwarding)

der Mouse (mcgill-vision!
22 Apr 88 06:43:36 GMT

In article <8804090447.AA06537@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, B32357@ANLVM.BITNET writes:
> Subject: BITNET mail follows

Can't someone do something about this? It's got to be one of the least
informative subject lines in existence, right up there with "(none)".
Can't the BITNET gateway be kludged to recognize when it's about to
generate a posting with this subject and do something more useful?

> How does one disable IP forwarding?

This depends on the gateway machine software. For Berkeley UNIX, 4.3
at least, there's a kernel variable called ipforwarding which can be
set to 0 to disable forwarding. To change it, use adb:

% adb -w -k /vmunix /dev/mem
_ipforwarding/W 0 <- in running system
_ipforwarding?W 0 <- in kernel file

Changes made to the running system take effect immediately but go away
at next reboot; changes made to the kernel file are permanent but don't
take effect until next reboot. (Well, permanent until you rebuild an
new kernel and install it. To fix it *really* permanently, change the
initialization in netinet/ip_input.c (or you may be able to use a
config file line

options "IPFORWARDING=0"


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