Re: Packet accounting and a place to do it

22 Apr 1988 07:57-PDT

    Date: 21 Apr 88 17:14:25 GMT
    From: (Walt Haas)
    Subject: Re: Packet accounting and a place to do it

    It seems to me that the most sensible way to do packet accounting is
    the way that the public networks (Telenet, Tymnet) do it - that is,
    all packets on a virtual circuit are charged to whoever established
    that VC unless the call was placed and accepted as "collect", in which
    case the recipient pays for it. ....

    Cheers -- Walt Haas utah-cs!haas


One small problem with this approach - during the life of a TCP
connection, many X.25 connections may come and go. The X.25
connections may be closed down due to idleness or resource
reallocation, and may be reopened from either end of the pipe. Also,
an X.25 connection may carry data from more than one TCP session. And
it may also have UDP traffic mixed in. Who gets the bill?


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