Re: Wollongong's TN3270

Rich Salz (!
21 Apr 88 16:45:55 GMT

In article <8804182349.AA29557@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> eva@TWG.COM writes:
>2/ TN3270 is currently available only with EUNICE, not WIN/TCP. It requires
> "libcurses" library which is not supported under WIN/TCP, due to the
> requirement for a UNIX license.
VMS has had a curses library for over a year (that's as far back as I go
with VMS). While it has some bugs, it is quite possible to work around
them and write full-screen character-at-a-time programs without too
much pain. We've got some in the Cronus project.

Better double-check what the "real" reason is.
        /rich $alz

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