Re: Whither chargeback policies?

Russ Nelson (!
21 Apr 88 16:14:01 GMT

In article <SRA.12391999638.BABYL@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU> SRA@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU (Rob Austein) writes, and I edit:
>2) Provide some negative feedback (that's a technical term, not a
> normative statement) so that users will make "efficient" use of
> the available network resources.
>I submit that, at the moment, the two most critical resources on the
> Perhaps some of the income can be used to increase the
>numbers of trunks and core gateways until they can adaquately handle
>the load.

Another possibility: Charge users heavily for the use of the
bottlenecks (whatever they may be at the time). Use the resultant
income to FIX the bottlenecks. Theoretically (and in a perfect world :-)
this will result in a network in which the load is spread evenly and
there are no bottlenecks.

  o Short term bottlenecks due to down equipment should not be charged for,
    unless they recur, at which point they become long term bottlenecks.
  o The cost model is apparent to anyone who wants to do some pinging. Of
    course, they'll pay for their curiosity.
  o A site could easily run up a big bill unless the accounting is done in
    a timely manner. Without timely negative feedback, you can get into
  o This still doesn't address who pays for which packets, just the amount
    charged for each packet.
  o Maybe a nominal fee for each packet to cover general costs?

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