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21 Apr 88 16:48:07 GMT

In article <582@bpa.BELL-ATL.COM> espo@bpa.BELL-ATL.COM (Bob Esposito) writes:
> I received my copy just last week from Prentice Hall and its
> really a comprehensive view of the TCP/IP technology and
> the Internet.
> Douglas Comer did a fine job with this one!!!

        Comer's books are available from the Library of Computer and
Information Sciences (LCIS) book club. I bring this up because some
people were having trouble getting Stallings book set in a timely
fashion. I'm not sure that people will have trouble with Comer's
books, but it might be a good idea to look into LCIS if they are going
to do a good job tracking unix/tcp-ip leterature.

        I subscribe, but have no other interest in LCIS.

        Kent England, Boston University

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