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David Robinson (david@ELROY.JPL.NASA.GOV)
19 Apr 88 21:42:44 GMT

In article <WANCHO.12391659408.BABYL@SIMTEL20.ARPA>, WANCHO@SIMTEL20.ARPA ("Frank J. Wancho") writes:
> 3. The algorithm itself is flawed (in my opinion): it is based on
> charges only for outgoing packets, and TAC access (including connect
> time, not just packet charges - in BOTH directions). That severely
> penalizes hosts which act as mailing list distribution points, those
> which offer anonymous ftp access, and those which allow telnet access,
> particularly from TACs.

This offers interesting accounting problems for sites that serve as a gateway
for other organizations and networks. The number of networks that are
gatewayed through a particular organization is growing. How will
NSFnet and CSnet handle the chargebacks to their users? Same for
Bitnet mail relays. I can see the unfortunate situations where these
other networks shut off external Mail and FTP access to the Internet.
Also how does one charge back between Arpanet and Milnet? Will the
long hinted seperation of the nets by the mailbridges be put into effect?

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