Re: Thoughts on why packet accounting will be A Good Thing.

Dennis Perry (perry@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Tue, 19 Apr 88 22:19:21 EDT

Barry, I agree with your sentiments. I also tend towards the taxation
model and the view of networks as infrastructure or a 'utility'.
At Los alamos, where I was before moving east, we charged for network
connect time and port charges. Other methods of charging were always
discussed, but it was hard to get concensus. The 'rich' users did not
care about what you charged. They just justified more money for their
work. the 'poor' users could not get more money and were forced into
antisocial behavior, i.e. they quit using the network and went out
and bought microcomputers. Afterall, you can compute anything on
a micro that you can on a cray, it just takes more time. When
'time' is the color of your money, then you spend time instead of


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