Re: Packet level accounting

Brian Lloyd (mimsy!cvl!dolqci!irs3!wb6rqn!
19 Apr 88 09:12:29 EST (Tue)

Just because you see a packet doesn't mean that it arrived at the
destination. For this reason counting packets in a lossy network is
very unfair to the subscriber. The only place in IP/TCP/UDP where you
can actually measure delivered packets is in TCP or UDP (only at the
destination in the case of UDP). This makes accounting in a datagram
based network non-trivial. Perhaps this is why the PTTs have adopted VC
based networks. At least they know when a packet has been delivered to
the host (or at least the edge of their network) and can charge

Has anyone thought to define the measure of service delivered? Is it
really the number and size of packets delivered? Off the top of my head
I cannot think of another measure but that does not mean that there
isn't one. Maybe a definition of service is in order before a
discussion of service measurment.

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