Re: Thoughts on why packet accounting will be A Good Thing.

William Westfield (BILLW@MATHOM.CISCO.COM)
Tue 19 Apr 88 10:55:09-PDT

And there is also an IDEA016 "Telnet local edit option" from the people
at Cray. Just what us vendor type people love. Multiple standards to
do the same thing. Well, not quite the same thing. While RFC1053 proposes
a PAD view of the world, IDEA016 proposes a unix view of the world (complete
with local handling of signals).

Personally, I'd like to mix up the two, and add some tops20-like features,
like a full break mask, and some things that haven't ever existed, like
a full echo mask. Oh well, I guess I just get to wait and see what happens.

Bill Westfield
cisco Systems

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